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Tsubasa: (watching the rest of the MLers talk)'s..happening again. It's starting over again. (bites his lower lip) I...(falls to his knees, then begins to cry.)

Wakabayashi: Tsubasa.

Tsubasa:(looks up)...W...Wakabayashi kun...(wipes his eyes) I don't understand. Why don't they like me? Is it because all I think about is soccer?

Wakabayashi: It's okay. All I think about is soccer, too. Now get up. (offers Tsubasa his hand)

Tsubasa:(gets to his feet, still crying) Wakabayashi kun...I wish Roberto was here. He'd know what to do.

Wakabayashi: (smiles knowingly) I know. But he's not here, Tsubasa...(sighs) I'm sorry I was so mean to you before. I don't like seeing my friend hurting so much...

Tsubasa: (begins to bawl)

Wakabayashi: Go home and have your mother make you some cocoa, okay? I'll beat the hell out of them for you.

(Tsubasa leaves, spraying the air with tears in his departure. Wakabayashi watches him go, then turns around, removing his cap and tossing it to the ground.)

Wakabayashi: You just love seeing him cry, don't you? DON'T YOU?! Do you know who you're dealing with...?! (raises his fists, his face twisted in a scowl) I'm Genzo Wakabayashi, the greatest goalkeeper in the world, and you just got me angry! You want to see what comes next?!


Wakabayashi:(picks up his cap and dusts it off, then sets it on his head) Cowards.

*the end*

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