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Ice Cream

Tsubasa: (with crazed eyes) All right! All right already! If nobody will play soccer with me, I'll play it myself! (laughs evilly) Come on, Wakabayashi kun! Misaki kun, you come too! We'll all play soccer!


Wakabayashi: Are you high on something, Tsubasa?

Tsubasa: No! NO! Let's all play! To celebrate our great friendship!

(Wakabayashi walks over to the goal, while Misaki stands in front of him, nervously passing the ball from one foot to the other. Tsubasa continues to stand in the middle of the practice field, laughing hysterically. His face is beginning to turn blue.)

Misaki: Tsubasa kun...

Wakabayashi: (checks his watch)

(Tsubasa continues to laugh, now appearing to be on the brink of death.)

Wakabayashi: (sighs) How long are you going to have us stand here?

Tsubasa: (still laughing) Let's play! Let's play! We can win!

Misaki:(walks up to his friend, then pats him on the shoulder) Tsubasa kun...


Misaki: You want to go out for ice cream?


**the end**

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