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Tsubasa:(chewing thoughtfully) These are pretty good. I think I like the melon ones the best, though. (pulls out another pink-covered stick)

Misaki:(seeing the wrapper-covered floor) Tsubasa kun! How many of those did you eat?!

Tsubasa:(shrugs) I like them.

(Misaki watches, nervous, as Tsubasa starts on his tenth package. He is beginning to hiccup)

Misaki:Are you drunk, Tsubasa?

Tsubasa:(hiccups again) I..don't get it...Misaki kun...*hic*...(reaches for another Pocky) I've been here for so long...and not one of them will play soccer with me. They all just keep walkin' away...


Tsubasa: Heero kun...Duo kun...they all just left...


Tsubasa: Misaki you remember when we first played against Misugi kun...? And all those girls kept cheering him on....*hic*...(sighs) Where did they all go?

Misaki: I..I guess they all got lives, Tsubasa kun...

Tsubasa: And...and Wakashimazu kun...he had girls after him too, you think they all left too...?

Misaki:(clearly uncomfortable)....I'm not sure...

Tsubasa: Why not..?

Misaki: (wincing) Because he's a long-haired bishounen.

(Tsubasa stares at his friend for a few seconds, then begins to choke on a Pocky.)

Misaki: Tsubasa kun! Hang on! (running to his side in an attempt to dislodge the strawberry-flavored stick) I didn't mean've just been talking so much about long-haired bishounen that I couldn't help myself! Don't die!

(Tsubasa writhes in agony for a few minutes, then sits up, his face slightly flushed, but otherwise intact.)

Tsubasa: Misaki kun...

Misaki:...what is it..? you think Wakashimazu kun might want some Pocky?

(Misaki nearly collapses from shock, but picks himself up just in time)

Misaki: W...why don't you ask him, Tsubasa kun?

Tsubasa: (shrugs) I guess I shouldn't. Wakabayashi kun told me that he never eats anything.

Misaki: (blinks)....

Tsubasa:(picks up a fallen Pocky, then takes a bite out of it) I think Wakabayashi kun is just jealous because he's chubby.

Misaki: Tsubasa kun!!! He is not! (grabs the Pocky from him) You've had enough! You're not making sense!

Tsubasa: (starting to sing) It's never enough....they're so gooood...(hiccups again)

This long, useless post is brought to you once again by your friendly neighborhood loon, who has Captain Tsubasa on the brain and eats too much Pocky. Even tried to do the page in Pocky colors...(sighs)

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