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Practice...Take One!

Tsubasa:(holding a soccer ball and grinning) I don't need anybody here to come and watch me play! While Wakabayashi kun is recovering, I can practice my special shot with Yuzo Morisaki, my good friend from Nankatsu! We played together when we were kids! Right, Morisaki kun?

Morisaki: Right, Tsubasa kun!

Tsubasa: Let's practice! For our dream, Morisaki kun!

(Still smiling, Tsubasa moves away from the goal and sets his ball on the ground. With a loud cry, he kicks the ball as hard as he can. The now-glowing object flies toward Morisaki, who promptly throws himself at the ground and starts to scream.)

Morisaki:(plastered on the grass) Waaaahhh!!! Tasukete!!!

(The ball hits the net.)

Tsubasa: Morisaki kun...what's the matter with you?!

Morisaki: (getting up) I'm sorry...Tsubasa kun...(throws the ball back to him)

Tsubasa:(blinks, confused) Here I go again...prepare yourself, Morisaki kun!

Morisaki:(seeing the ball flying at him)....

Tsubasa: You can do it, Morisaki kun!

(The ball flies directly at Morisaki's outstretched arms)

Morisaki:(diving to the side)DAMEEEEEEEE!!!!

(The ball hits the net. Tsubasa makes his way over to the goal, sweat dripping off his forehead. He is beginning to get annoyed.)

Tsubasa: Morisaki kun.


Tsubasa: What is WRONG with you?!!!!!


Tsubasa:(hits the side of the goal, frustrated) You're afraid of the ball, aren't you?! Morisaki kun, you were supposed to have gotten over that almost ten years ago! How in the world are we supposed to make it to the World Cup if you keep screaming and running away from the ball?!!!


Tsubasa: What kind of goalkeeper are you? (breathing heavily) Do you want me to tie you to the goal and kick balls at you until you're not afraid?! I WILL do it, Morisaki kun!!!!

(Morisaki stares at Tsubasa, his lower lip quivering. He sinks to his knees and begins to cry.)

Morisaki:...Tsubasa kun...I...

Tsubasa: (stares at him, his expression softening)....Morisaki kun...

Morisaki:...Tsubasa kun...maybe you should ask Wakashimazu to practice with you...I'm not good enough...

Tsubasa: No...Morisaki kun...(kneels beside him, patting him on the back) I'm sorry...I got carried away...I'm just upset about what happened with Wakabayashi kun...that's all.

Morisaki:...can you ever forgive me...?

Tsubasa: (smiles) I should apologize. Would you like some ice cream, Morisaki kun?

Morisaki: Okay...

**the end** Because we have a lot of leftover ice cream.

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