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Practice...Take Two!

Tsubasa: (taking one last bite out of his ice cream cone, then tossing it to the ground) Wakashimazu kun, since Wakabayashi kun is injured, we're going to need you to take his place in the next game. I want to see if you're good enough to stop my most powerful shot. Are you ready, Wakashimazu kun?

Wakashimazu: I'm ready when you are. Do it, Tsubasa!

Tsubasa: (smiling)Right!

(Tsubasa moves to the center of the field, then sets the ball on the ground. He kicks the ball as hard as he can.)

Wakashimazu:(seeing the ball fly at him) The team is counting on me...I can't give up! Even if this is the most powerful shot in the world...I must stop it! It's my responsibility as the Japan Youth Team's goal--(stops, hearing the sound of something hitting the net)....

Tsubasa: (running toward him)Wakashimazu kun!

Wakashimazu: (staring at the ball sitting in the goal)....

Tsubasa: The ball went right past your head! If you have to give a monologue every time somebody tries to score, we'll lose for sure! Just concentrate on the ball and don't talk, okay?

Wakashimazu: Got it. (regaining his composure) That's right. Let's try it again, Tsubasa.

(Tsubasa takes the ball and runs back to his previous position.)

Tsubasa: If you use the technique your father taught you in karate class, I'm sure you can stop my shot!

(Tsubasa shoots the ball.)

Wakashimazu: (seeing the ball approach him) Koko da! (hits the ball in a swift motion, letting out a battle cry.)

(The ball flies back and hits Tsubasa in the head. The boy flies through the air and lands on his back.)

Wakashimazu:...Tsubasa...! (runs up to him) Are you dead?

Tsubasa: (with a ball print on his face) Gwaaaa....

Wakashimazu: (blinks)

Tsubasa: (sits up)..that...that was great...Wakashimazu kun...(dusts himself off, then stands up) Really...when you hit that ball at me and nearly killed me...that's a great strategy...

Wakashimazu:...I don't get it.

Tsubasa: (grinning like an idiot) You can use that to ward off the other team's they can't come back to score...(laughs wearily)...let's try it again, Wakashimazu kun...but this time, try to hit me harder...

Wakashimazu: (smiling strangely) If that's what you want! (walks back to the goal) Let's do it right this time, Tsubasa! For our victory!

(Tsubasa gets up, wiping blood from his face. He kicks the ball at the goal, this time with even more force)

Tsubasa: Careful, Wakashimazu kun!

Wakashimazu: (a little too enthusiastic) Die, Tsubasa!! (hits the ball)

(The ball strikes Tsubasa in the face once more. He flies backward, bouncing twice and coming to rest at the opposite end of the field.)

Wakashimazu: (running up to him) Was that what you wanted?

Tsubasa:(with swirly eyes)...gaaaahhh...


Tsubasa:Good job...Wakashimazu kun...I really think we're gonna win now....

Wakashimazu:(grinning sadistically) We*will*win!! Because we're the best team!!! (lifts the bedraggled boy off the ground and tucks him under his arm) Let's go inside, Tsubasa!

Tsubasa: (laughing weakly) kun...


Tsubasa: Do you want some Pocky?

Wakashimazu: Okay.

Tsubasa: Good...(passes out)

**the end** Because there has to be some leftover Pocky.

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