The Epic Captain Tsubasa Story

Some time after the final game between Nankatsu and Toho, the lives of Tsubasa and his friends will be changed beyond belief. Can Tsubasa survive this new threat? This story is the masterpiece(heh) of my sister and I, and it's our way of showing the Captain Tsubasa World with a weird sense of humor and a lot of crazy imagination. Enjoy!

Part One Part Thirteen
Part Two Part Fourteen
Part Three Part Fifteen
Part Four Part Sixteen
Part Five Part Seventeen
Part Six Part Eighteen
Part Seven Part Nineteen
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
Part Eleven
Part Twelve

Haven't had enough...? Tsubasa's adventures are continued in The Epic Captain Tsubasa Story: Volume Two!

This may be finished some time...(sniff)

Captain Tsubasa 101
Captain Tsubasa 102
Captain Tsubasa 201
Captain Tsubasa 202
Captain Tsubasa 203--Under construction!

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